2020 Winners – Bucks Fever FilmFest

2020 Winners

Screenwriter Winners

Memorial by Chuck McClelland (1st Place)
The Lunchroom by Grace Wang (2nd Place)
Indelible by Lex Hurson (3rd Place)

High School Narrative

Quaran-Time’s Up by George Ayvazyan (Finalist)
Static by William Kubacki and Luke Whitney (Finalist)
Signal by Ian Kozlik, Shamus Duffy (Finalist)
The Good, the Bad, and the Quarantined by George Ayvazyan (Honorable Mention)
Slip Up by Tom Hetrick Jr., Shamus Duffy (WINNER)

High School Experimental

Steel Roots by Talon Falcone (WINNER)

High School Music Video

Upside Down by William (Billy) Kubacki, Luke Whitney, David Ward, Edward Kenna (WINNER)

College Narrative

No One Left by Morgan Hamilton-Lee (Finalist)
One Two Three by Skyler Sulby (Finalist)
Last Ride Out by Connor Gatesman (Finalist)
Cardboard Castle by Wendy Wang, Dave Baer (Finalist)
Impressions by Alexander Yarber (WINNER)

College Documentary

Creativity Stays Home by Cameron Rogers, Kenny Wooten (Finalist)
Ethel Lawrence: The Rosa Parks of Affordable Housing by Katia Kalei Barricklow (Finalist)
Longing for Hawai’i by Katia Kalei Barricklow (WINNER)

College Animation

Superstitions by Tonya Amyrin Rice (Honorable Mention)
Star by Amy Sun (WINNER)

Emerging Narrative

Feeding the Fire by Thomas Proffitt (Finalist)
Kill or Be Killed by Wesley Mellott (Finalist)
Elysia by Wesley Mellott (Finalist)
Ryde – Share by Tyler Jones & Saleem Irvin (Honorable Mention)
Will Be Boys by Brit Bucklee (Honorable Mention)
Fantasy Pony by Caitlin Carleton (WINNER)

Emerging Documentary

Best Friends by Meredith Veit (Finalist)

Best of Fest 2020

Flunkyball by Tess Forestieri

Outstanding Achievement Awards

Slip Up (Outstanding Screenplay)
Shamus Duffy (Rising Star)
C.J. Gelfand as Beatrice in Impressions (Outstanding Achievement in Acting)
Ian Elmaleh as Billy Wilder in Last Ride Out (Outstanding Achievement in Acting)
Star (Outstanding Art Direction)
Fantasy Pony (Outstanding Ensemble)
Flunkyball (Outstanding Editing)